Locked Out Of Twitter

UPDATE: the prophecy was fulfilled. I’m now on https://twitter.com/GianSass.

They did it. The madman did it.

On a Sunday evening I was casually glancing over my Twitter profile, making little adjustments. As my eyes jump to the birthdate section I noticed something off. I wasn’t born in 1998 was I? So of course my half-asleep me changes my birthdate to 1999, not realising that such small change would “disqualify” me for possessing a Twitter account, despite me being of 19 years of age at the time of writing.

That leaves me with this blog. Had it not been my own site, my existence on the net would have just vanished in an eyeblink.

I’m angry but also relieved. I’ve shared many a post about which I can now only cringe. Having my account deleted removes that burden off my shoulders. On the other hand all those small moments are gone now.

Currently I don’t have any plans to restore the account. Let it rest in peace. Maybe in the future I will get myself a new, more professional account which won’t be cluttered with stupid millennial memes.

P.S. this “form” does nothing but redirect back to the Twitter help page. Nothing more than a cynical joke.